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February 25, 2021, 02:25:25 AM
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Author Topic: Please respond to my inquiry.  (Read 5612 times)
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« on: November 24, 2004, 04:29:11 PM »

Dear Trooper:

So far I have had only two people answer my request.  I need for feedback to prove that  tankers did not get the Bronx Star, unless for herioc resason,  instead we got the Army Commendation Medal......even though we were in the jungle, rubber plantations, and hit mines etc.   Heck even the clerks in the rear got it.

I believe all of us who were in combat whether infantry, in APC's, or in Tanks, if we were in combat we are all brothers and as such should all receive the same award.

Your involved is important!

Please answer!!!

Happy thanksgiving


email ...  sanctuary@ainop.com

Thank you for the two that have answered!!!!!
william m durham
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2004, 07:23:32 PM »

Not only did I not recieve a end of tour BS, but not even an ARCM, served from Mar 67 thru apr67, since it was still Hot when I left, Co had just been killed(Cpt Robinson, I believe) I just figuired as a Sp/4 my award for my tough year was getting my ass out alive. Sure I felt slighted, now more so when I see and hear of some who sat at a desk and never bust jungle,saw the Iron Triangle,rode thru Cu Chi, put out a turret fire in a M48 tank in downtown Siagon during Tet after the entire crew to include the Lt bailed out. Believe me I know, on 21 July 67, my tank was the only one stuck in the middle of the L Troop ambush that stood our ground an fought it out. Fired all our 90 mm basic load and was down to machine gun(coaix0 when M co came to the rescue. Since I was just the loader, I and the driver recieved nothin, but of course the TC and Gunner?? both recieved a BS/V for the day. The more I think about it , the more I feel freshly F--ked. I could go, but why,no one cares. In most cases those that got theirs, could care less about those of us that did not.
If I can help I will. GOOD LUCK, and God Bless You and Yours
bulldurham48@aol.com, Former SP/4 Bill Durham, M22/M23 67-68-69
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