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July 26, 2021, 08:38:17 PM
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Author Topic: Need a Lieutenant's 69-70 General Orders for BSM......  (Read 5794 times)
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« on: December 10, 2004, 03:14:32 PM »

I need for a brave officer who was a 2nd or 1st Lieutanent as TC of a tank with M C0 of the 11th ACR.  Our call is ALLONS.  Well I need The General Orders  for the award and the other officers got upon leaving Vietnam .from 69-70 or before or after...but from Nam... from his 201file.  If you were with the 3rd squadron that would be great.

I am still battling with the Awards Branch even though I HAVE been put in by my TC and medic.  I volunteered to do "stuff" that no one else wanted to do.  I did this dispite my fears, but I did not want other people in my unit to get wounded or killed.  But the Board frowns that an officer did not recommend  .I was denied for clerical and prejudical reasons....E-4  Read the requirements of the BMS & the ACM, you'll be surprised.

I am apppealing to an officer to stand up to "ALLONS", I need an officer to cover my back.  I want to prove that 99% of the officers left with bronx stars while we e-4 peons who did the work got ACM's.    This is not right! I went beyond the call of normal duty!!  I seek justice.  I need the help of an officer with a conscience to help me.  

I have hear postive responses from other peons who were told they would get the ACM and never did.  I received a letter from a gentleman who stated this.  He also told me that both his sons served on Iraq and both received the ACM.   One of his sons hit a mine and was fine.  But his buddy was still in the burning vehicle.  The young man went in to get his buddy, and in doing so he received received servere burns.   Guess what he got...you're right the ACM.   Now if that would have been an officer he would have received a Silver Star.  This is an injustice that needs to be stopped.  We are not scum!

I talked with our CO in Nam in retired as a colonel (?) and I asked for his help regarding my point of officers and the BMS.  I hit a nerve.  He refused to write a letter for me stating what I am trying to prove.  But I could tell by our conversation that I was right.
Zooey Crabill
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2005, 12:14:33 AM »

Frenchie,Frenchie,Frenchie!  God Bless Ya for tryin to swim upstream in this Medal inequality thing!  I stood in quite a few awards formations and watched the" field grades" getting their Silvers, Bronzes,and even Purple Hearts, while everyone in the unit (always EMs) WHO DID THE WORK, were standing at parade rest in the mud, mumbling such things as "who the HELL is that?" and "I don't remember seein him when we were tryin to bust Charles out of that bunker complex?" or: "Oh yeah, NOW I REMEMBER..he was up in 6's chopper on the radio when we were gettin the S..T kicked out of us last week!".."Damn!..How did he get wounded doin that?"  Yes my good brother..I too have given up..wused out or whatever..I ran over a 50lb CHICOM mine in my M48 tank sometime in early 69..(gas burner..not diesel) cracked the hull/burnedup deaf for 12 days..got chewed for loosing a vehicle..no crew/much easier to replace troopers than tank! Ripped both earlobes off my face from the cvc helmet blowing off my head with concussion (sp) and me out the hatch..thought I might go home..kind of useless a deaf tank driver!! Medic said( reading lips) "You goin home with th Purple Heart Troop!" But we both know the ending dont we? I have your back brother! Do the right Thing..Zooey SP5
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