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August 11, 2022, 07:44:10 AM
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Author Topic: More Letters please  (Read 4926 times)
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« on: December 29, 2004, 01:57:15 AM »

I can not believe some of the responses of injustice that some of our troopers have received.

I am still working on my BSM, but the letters that I have been receiving have moved me deeply.

 I am only one man.  But I will take on the pentagon and congress.Fool! You say.  The Lord has used fools to get His Justice done.  I do have a major game plan.  I think it has a good shot.

Please more of your letters of not getting the ACM et al if you were in combat.  Or even if you seen officers get medals underservingly.  I need your stories as ammunition to take on the pentagon and congress.

STRANGE!  NOT ONE OFFICER HAS ANSWERED!.   No help to be gotten from ex-captain Firestone.

 I made the mistake some of you officers had a conscience!    But stupid me,..... yes your careers. You have no guts, but I bet you got the Bronx Star, ACM, Legion Medal, paratroopers patch es, ranger's batch,   but you are a disgrace to the honor of your country and your men.  You can blow you chest out to impress the public. But you're full of hot air!

 But I know my way around congress.  With the letters I got and will get, I can get through your "club of secrecy."

I am not a crazed man.   I have a college degree;  served 29 years as an immigration inspector protecting the border on the Maine border.  I got murders, thefts, pushers et al.
I also in turned in officers who were not honorable and sought to abuse there positions. Got all of s....t because of it.  Been "blacklisted" by those who I turned in.  No sweat...God first!

So gentlemen officers if you will not help us......read the psalms!  Got the time..now retired, and got God.

Also will attack the issue of the CAB.  I have great material on this issue too.

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