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May 28, 2022, 08:23:04 PM
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Author Topic: Red & Sugar Bear ..both KIA's in Fall of 1969???????? Help please to verify  (Read 4507 times)
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« on: November 17, 2013, 09:42:37 PM »

Dear M Company Trooper of 1969:

Do any of you remember the names of TC. "Red"  and his driver, "Sugar Bear"?  The loader was Lonnie Burris.  We were all in a firefight in the Fall of 1969.  In this battle a medivac chopper was blown out of the sky.  I was there in Lance Alsup's tank.  I was sure that both Red  and Sugar Bear were killed that day.  Am I wrong in my recollection.

I was checking on a the 11 ACVVC  web site for our KIA's. Though I do not know their true names, I was looking for KIA's in the Fall of "69" on the same day.  I could not find a match under these perimeters.  I checked the Oct. "69" unit roster and none of the names on the KIA list match to the names on our roster.

I am wondering if  Red & Sugar Bear were overlooked somehow.  If so, I would like to see them included in the KIA list and not forgotten.  I haven't even after all these years.

I have been wrong many times in my life, I hope someone will kindly inform me that they are not forgotten and on the Wall.  I would appreciate their names,please.

I want to say how honored I was to serve with such honorable men as you all in 1969.  I am proud of how we all conducted ourselves.

With deep respect...ALLONS

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